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‘Innomep’ is a professional MEP (Mechanical, Electrical, and Plumping) consulting engineering firm based in Calicut, Kerala.

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Innomep Engineering, Chevayoor, Calicut, Kerala


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Heating Ventilation and Air Conditioning(HVAC)

HVAC system is designed to achieve the environmental requirements of the comfort of people. The purpose of an HVAC system is more than just warming or cooling a space. Instead, it serves to improve indoor air quality and provide comfort for everyone inside a building.

Expertise in HVAC design and calculations, makes Innomep trustable AC Consultant in Kerala. Our services include complete design of Air Conditioning Services (Chilled Water Air Conditioning System, Ducted Split Air Conditioning System, Wall Mounted Split Air Conditioning System, Packaged Air Conditioning System, VRF System, etc.), Ventilation Services (Fresh Air and Exhaust System).