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‘Innomep’ is a professional MEP (Mechanical, Electrical, and Plumping) consulting engineering firm based in Calicut, Kerala.

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The most critical part of designing a building would be material and installations of systems. That is required to run the building and make them sustainable construction with the emergence of MEP BIM Services. Services carried forward by the designers and engineers have to cling to wants and needs for making the building more sustainable. Sustainability has become the prime focus for the MEP Design Services to utilize resources and reduce wastes in commercial construction projects. Sustainable building by the commercial owners can save on operating expenses that would not just be good for the environment but also for clients. To discover the new strategies for sustainability into the design model, owner and facility managers have to use those materials and renewable resources that can make the building durable.

MEP System if fully functional and maintained can use BIM to improve upon sustainability operations and maintenance management level. Technology advancement in the MEP Design such as hardware and BIM process is protecting the environment, increases profitability, and designers can reduce carbon footprints in the projects through this.

There are various ways on how MEP Design can make buildings sustainable

  • Reduce energy use in HVAC and lighting in a building

The consumption of lightning, heating, and cooling systems through the building designs can be known. Approximately 25% of energy usage in a commercial building is done by lightning and 32% by HVAC systems.

  • Water Conservation

Some numerous designs and methods can lower the water use and save on water consumption bills. Such as installing low lightning fixtures by the owner can reduce water consumption than the standard faucets, and low flow toilets can lower water flush consumption.

  • Electricity Consumption

To save the amount of electricity used in building necessary steps to identify the best practices and use it for saving energy costs for the owners in the building. Much equipment in the building can raise electricity consumption such as lightning, computers, office equipment, and heating and cooling systems.

  • Control Carbon Emissions

Construction Industry gives rise to carbon dioxide emissions from building HVAC systems, electrical appliances, energy used, lightning, and manufacturer making materials, demolition of material and transport of building construction.

Any construction companies that offer MEP Services can gain competitive advantage by reducing the impact on the environment and reduce the costs of resources. If companies can clearly understand the importance of sustainability in building design and MEP system can make the lifespan of building longer and enhances the health of occupants.MEP Engineers must use sustainable good and materials that can increase the sustainability of the building, which can result in a reduction of waste of materials. Mainly the construction companies and MEP industry are looking forward to use renewable resources, efficiency standards, green building codes, and energy consumption-controlled resources to be taken into consideration while building the design.The concept of sustainability in MEP BIM Services is gaining momentum rapidly, which emphasis the designers and engineers to make the design as per sustainability standards and codes. It will aid in improving building performance and make a realistic future approach that can overcome compliance.